4 Virtual Montreal Startup Communities to Join Now

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A strong startup city is built through a strong local network and sense of community. There’s nothing you like to see more than founders helping founders, ideas being shared and resources being offered. This is just some of the magic that you can find in the Montreal startup communities listed below.

Montreal + Startups 

Type: Facebook Group


Description: for entrepreneurs, investors, employees, service providers, journalists, and fans of tech startups in Montreal.


This Facebook group has been around since 2011 and features over 10,000+ members. The moderated group is a great place to place to interact with founders, journalists, investors and others in the local community. You can also stay up to date on the latest events, podcasts, recruitment openings and relevant news. With dozens of postings everyday, this group is a must join.

Facebook - Montreal + Startups


MTL NewTech – Montreal Startup Resources

Type: LinkedIn Group


Description: You will find here, like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, employees, service providers, journalists, and fans of startups in Montreal. For more than 7 years, we have been trying to build a community of founders, designers, developers, marketers and startup enthusiasts with strong ties to Montreal. The goal is to enable connections, conversations, education and sharing among high potential growth companies, founders, employees and others. We don’t always get it right, but we’ve always been focused on enabling Montreal startups. We’ve been trying to raise the level of discourse among Montreal founders and startups – around funding, technology, hiring, operating, growing, exiting etc. This is a great community, let’s all try to make sure to create something more valuable.


Sure LinkedIn has its flaws, but groups are a great place to join communities and professionally connect with like-minded individuals. This group was created back in 2008 and features over 2,600 members.

LinkedIn - MTL New Tech


MTL + Ecommerce

Type: Discord


Description: MTL+ECOMMERCE gather under one roof the brightest entrepreneurs, executives, marketers, retailers, students and academics to learn, collaborate, network & get inspired.


This community is relatively new but its use of Discord caught our attention. If you’re not familiar with Discord, think of it like Slack, with video and voice chat that facilitates the creation of communities to congregate, meet up and socialize. Discord has already amassed over 250 million users with 14 million people logging on everyday. Montreal + Ecommerce organizes conversations by category with several sub-topics in each. Contrary to their name, they offer more than just ecommerce related discussions.

MTL + Ecommerce - Discord


Montréal: Tech Startup Community

Type: Facebook


Description: Montréal, home to the city’s innovators, leaders, doers, makers, and entrepreneurs. ‘Startup Weekend’, “Startup Week” and ‘Startup Digest’ are core initiatives of ‘Techstars Community Programs’. Don’t loose contact of the amazing people you met during ‘Startup Weekend Montreal’ (all editions), particularly Participants, Mentors, Judges.


Back to Facebook of course since it is one of the best platforms for community development. This group has been around since 2013 and features just under 10,000 members. Similar to the previous Facebook group, they allow community members to share events, job openings, news, resources and more.


This list of Montreal startup communities is certainly not an exhaustive one. There are plenty more platforms that feature thriving local communities. We’d love to hear from YOU and some of your favourites so we can add them to this list! Please email info@montrealstartups.ca with any Montreal startup community that should be featured and we’ll get them listed!



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