5 Biggest Montreal AI Startups

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Montreal’s reputation for being a significant player in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry is becoming more and more prominent. From the presence and investments made by tech powerhouses like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to the availability of funding in the city, most recently provided by the CDPQ, the community is growing rapidly.

Montreal’s AI scene is flourishing from a very strong talent pool benefiting from the city’s affordable cost of living and by the backing of a government that is committed to strengthening Montreal’s presence in the industry through AI research and development. However, let it be known that building an AI startup is not an easy task. The following companies have proven to be successful and lead the way as the largest Montreal AI startups.

1. Element AI

Element AI is arguably one of the biggest players in the AI space in Montreal. The organization uses algorithms and metadata to design process optimization software which helps improve the business performance of its clients. It recently worked with the Port of Montreal to test a product that allowed it to reduce trip time prediction errors by 40%.

Already having raised $102+ million in Seed and Series A funding from players including Microsoft Ventures, indications are that the company is looking to raise a Series B round in the range of $250 million.

Element AI office in Montreal
Element AI office in Montreal

2. Dialogue

Dialogue is a startup that works with companies to provide their employees innovative, virtual healthcare that can be accessed online and on mobile. The company has a fully staffed, virtual clinic that offers virtual consultations, prescription renewals, specialist referrals, and much more.

Founded in 2016, the company has raised approximately $16 million from investors, including from a Germany-based VC fund, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures. With the growth and success that Dialogue has experienced in Quebec, the company is looking to expand in other markets, notably in Ontario.

3. Automat

Automat is described as being the first conversational marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence. The platform enables personalized one-to-one communications via conversational ads, messaging, web chat, and voice assistants that are all aimed at providing customers with guidance, recommendations, advice, consultation, and expertise, hence the name of its assistant G.R.A.C.E.

Automat has worked with large players in the cosmetics industry and has raised over $10.2M over two funding rounds.

Automat office Montreal
Automat office Montreal

4. Fluent.Ai

Fluent Ai has developed a product that can adapt to any user’s language, accent and the many different ways they speak. The key to the success is that their AI technology uses acoustic-only recognition which recognizes intent, tone, and acoustics to deliver the appropriate action to the user. This eliminates previous problems created by accents, noise, and impaired speech.

The company has raised over $4 million in funding and, while it is still headquartered in Montreal, it has opened an office in Mountain View, California.

5. Keatext

Keatext’s text analytics platform can synthesize, in seconds, large volumes of unstructured feedback data from multiple channels to produce actionable insights. This becomes extremely valuable to businesses who can derive clarity and instant feedback from sources such as open-survey questions, online reviews, chat logs and social media posts which are all then presented in a user-friendly custom dashboard.

Keatext focuses on businesses that are heavily customer-focused and is working with large international companies to provide insights into the big data that is available online and cultivate meaningful relationships with their customers.  

Keatext team in Montreal
Keatext team in Montreal

Other notable mentions include:

Hopper, given that the company was founded 10+ years ago, it does not strictly meet the definition of a startup. That doesn’t mean that the travel predictor app isn’t doing great things. In fact, the company has raised over $183.4 million in five funding rounds;

Roof.ai, a company that provides chatbot solutions and predictive analytics in the real estate brokerage industry;

Imagia who are using artificial intelligence to provide accessible personalized healthcare; and

C2RO Cloud Robotics who have developed a platform to help increase the cognitive capabilities of commercial robots.


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