We’ll Be Attending Startupfest (And Why You Should Too)

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From July 9th to July 12th, thousands of founders, techies, investors, engineers, marketers and startup people alike will be attending the ninth edition of Montreal’s renown Startupfest. This year’s event will be taking place at Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Notre-Dame where Expo 67 was held many years ago. The event’s schedule is jam-packed with workshops, pitch competitions, AMAs, interactive sessions, captivating keynote speakers and much much more. There’s even a “Grandmothers’ Choice Award” where a panel of grandmothers judge a startup with the notion that “if a grandmother can understand it, anyone can”.


For almost a year now, Montreal Startups has been on a mission to contribute to and grow the startup community in Montreal. We’ve compiled a list (not exhaustive by any stretch) of notable startups and founders in the city and followed it up with the release of our podcast also titled Montreal Startups. Through our podcast, we’ve been able to capture captivating and inspirational stories of local startup founders and shared them with our loyal listeners for their learning and enjoyment. Along the way, we’ve accumulated countless startup lessons, tips, and warnings from our guests on how to build a successful startup.



Startupfest is notorious for assembling not just top tier founders and CEOs but also some of the world’s best venture capitalists, product leads, engineers, analysts, consultants, and more all at one four-day event. Montreal Startups and these talented people gathered at a festival hosting a wide range of educational workshops and events hold one goal in common: teaching. Each headlining speaker is hoping to pass on valuable lessons to everyone in the audience. Similarly, the Montreal Startups podcast aspires to offer the same valuable lessons for our listeners through the stories of our guests.


Our presence at Startupfest this year will allow us not only to cover some of the exciting events and stories from the festival but also to network with the local startup community, expanding our network and widening the range of guests we have on our podcast. While our guests have been limited to founders around the city, our audience would benefit from hearing from VCs, product managers, angel investors, program directors, and others. If you’re someone that can benefit from engaging with or listening to some of the city’s best startup people, then you should surely be attending the event as well.


Our goals at Startupfest are simple: soak-in the electric atmosphere, capture valuable lessons and find awesome startup stories that we can share on our podcast. We’ll be attending Startupfest and you definitely should as well!



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