Holt Fintech Accelorator

AI Fintech Accelorator


    AI Fintech Accelerator

    We are modern day brokers, accelerating deals for fintech startups between corporate clients and investors. We help our partners navigate success through our investor and associated network of financial institutions; powered by an AI lab.

    The Holt family has a history of investing, growing, supporting, and building financial companies for the past five generations. With the rising need for AI throughout all aspects of our daily lives, we have decided to launch Holt Fintech Accelerator that focuses on boosting AI capabilities of Fintech businesses and expanding their international network.

    Check out our recent updates for our content that aims to bring executive insights, advice and tools to navigate success for their business.

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      1470 Peel St #745, Montreal, QC H3A 1T1
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      Accelorator, Venture