Zetane Systems

Accelerate AI concept to production


    Zetane provides you with the next generation of AI development environment you need for enterprise and industrial applications of machine learning. Now everyone on your team can benefit from software made for current day workflows in data science and multi-stakeholder business projects.  * You get improved means to debug your models, assess datasets and do advanced machine learning with a streamlined toolkit to gain insights into your workflow faster; By the end, you are sure to have a full understanding of the story of your data and models, from start to finish; * Your non-technical colleagues, from marketing professionals to your project manager, can make more impactful contributions to your project through better visual and less abstract representations of your models, their outputs and their inner workings; * Your projects are sure to get buy-in and approval with your strengthened abilities to explain the value and impact of your team’s AI projects to clients and decision-makers in your department.

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      307-1870 Boulevard des Sources, Pointe-Claire H9R 5N4
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      AI, Machine Learning, Software Development