Accommodation map for all types of events


    Finding the perfect place to stay can be a nightmare; switching between websites, comparing prices and analyzing locations is tough. Right now, event travelers need to size up the differences between various hotels, hostels, and Airbnb separately - but not everyone has the time to be flipping between tabs or inputting travel data into a search engine. At Stay22, we’ve decided to change the game. We pinpoint a location, say a conference or music festival, and compile all the available accommodation nearby by sourcing from hotel and hostel websites, as well as Airbnb. On the intuitive map format, travelers can see what lodgings are closest to the action, and filter for accommodation type and price. The best part? Our solution is easily embeddable into any event or ticketing website, so consumers and attendees don’t need to waste time searching for somewhere to stay - one click on the map on the event website, and they will be sent directly to the booking page of their choice. We know exactly how frustrating booking a place to stay can be, and we’ve decided to fix it. The lead up to an event should be exciting, not a stressful search for somewhere to stay. That’s why we’re working to make sure event planners and event-goers can focus on what really matters - the event.

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