Turn your friends into a portable sound system


    Established in 2015 and born out of Montreal, Quebec (Canada), AmpMe has become the global leader in terminating awkward silences and turning the party up! B.Y.O.D. and make sure that you’ve got your party pants on. We bring the party and the tunes. AmpMe is basically the most portable, ultimate party-starter kit. To think, AmpMe all started when Martin-Luc, our CEO, was chilling in a park with friends, when it dawned on him.  As a team, we learn, we share and we break boundaries. Passion is the background music to our awesome journey. We bring people together with music, create unforgettable moments and make ever-lasting memories. Our lifestyle-infused technology brings music-lovers, party-goers, movers and shakers, together. AmpMe is the most social and portable sound system, in the Universe.

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      4 Place Ville Marie #505, Montreal, QC H3B 2E7
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