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On Monday January 21st we announced the launch of Montreal Startups by releasing our website as well as the first episode of our podcast featuring Grade Slam’s Phil Cutler. On January 25th OSMO and Foundation Montreal announce the launch of a new initiative called Bonjour Startup Montreal. The city’s startup ecosystem has never been brighter.


While both Montreal Startups and Bonjour Startup Montreal have varying offerings, we both hold a similar mission: to continue to build the Montreal startup ecosystem. In Bonjour Startup Montreal’s case, their goals go a slightly deeper with plans to propel the city into a spot among the top 20 startup ecosystems in the world.

A common problem that startups face in this city is the presumption that they can’t operate on a global scale and their products and services will only serve a local market. OSMO CEO Patrick Gagne is tasked with tackling this problem by helping startups form relationships with bigger corporations and international investors.

For a city to be considered a strong startup ecosystem, several factors come into play: ideation, activation, community, connectedness, and internationalization primarily. According to startup ecosystem research organization Startup Genome, Montreal performs well on ideation and activation but lacks in community, connectedness, and internationalization.

With initiatives like Bonjour Startup Project and of course Montreal Startups adding to the city’s existing startup infrastructure, the city is transforming into a more and more attractive destinations for startups alike.


via: Bonjour Startup Montreal


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